Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Wrap

I love that Kelly over at Diary of the Nello does a weekly "wrap". What a wonderful way to tie up each week's highs and lows, smile and sigh and let it go. So, I'll be copying her idea and doing the same thing here.

  • On Wednesday, Melissa from DONA called me to let me know that I am officially a DONA Certified Doula. Pretty darn cool! And pretty exciting, because I've been working on my certification for about 2 1/2 years. For more information on what a doula is and does, visit here.

  • We found two dead snakes in our yard this week. Yuck.

  • We did lots of yard work this week and FINALLY got rid of a lot of junk that's been sitting around our yard. I even pruned our grape vines. Patting myself on the back. So, we have a patch of lovely vinca in our front entry way. Rusty decided it would be good to walk all over it and destroy it last fall, but this spring it has been coming back up and growing and becoming very lovely.

    So, I've been working really hard with it, pruning away all of the old, dead and poky leafless stems. Removing garbage and dead wood from it. And I finally got it to be almost exactly the way I wanted it. So, on Wednesday I left for a while for an interview with a potential doula client and came back to find that JDub had taken a leaf rake to it. I know he was trying to help and he did a very efficient job of getting rid of the last of the dead wood and the leaves from last fall. But he also tore a great portion of it to pieces and stripped many of the new budding and growing leaves and flowers from the stems. So, what was I left with? Some of the vinca is still lovely and healthy. But there's a great big patch where there's nothing but exposed dirt and (you guessed it) poky, leafless stems. I cried for at least an hour about it. Not so much for the vinca, as that my life and home feel so chaotic and out of control right now and that was my little patch of loveliness, sanity and control. And he destroyed it. And it sucked. Big time.

  • We are nearing the end of soccer season and can I just say Hooray! Kaitybean and Scud have had a wonderful time and I've truly enjoyed coaching Kaitybean's team, but I'm ready to have our evenings back. At least somewhat. I had a sweet moment during our game on Wednesday. One of the darling girls on our time came up to me, took me by the hand and said "In my heaven, you'd be my mommy." My heart just melted. What a darling little girl.

  • I went to yoga yesterday and it was wonderful, once again. I am really, really, really enjoying yoga lately.

  • My little brother came over on Tuesday and talked for about an hour. He's in love. He met this girl at church last year and they just barely started dating. He wants to marry her. He showed me a picture and she's GORGEOUS and she sounds just wonderful. I sure hope everything works out well for them. We'll see.

  • I had an interesting afternoon yesterday. AAAAARGH!! I was grocery shopping with my boys, when a can of frozen juice fell out of the cart and hit me on the foot. The pain was so intense that I remember thinking, "Man, I hope I don't pass out." The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor with a man kneeling by me and asking if I needed help. Um, yep, I did. He helped me get up and sit down at which point I promptly passed out again. I'm not sure how long I was out, but the next time I woke up a store employee named Chaser was there holding me by the arm. I was barely conscious, but able to give him my husband's phone number so that he could come get me. They got me into a wheelchair and asked if I wanted them to put my groceries back. ABSOLUTELY NOT! As if going grocery shopping with two boys isn't hell enough, try hurting your foot, passing out and then having to go shopping again. So, I had them run it through so that JDub could pay for it when he got there. They wheeled me to a room they call the "Little Theater" and put in Bob the Builder for the boys to watch until JDub got there. To make a long story short, we got home and I decided not to go to the hospital, because I was able to put pressure on and move my foot normally. I still felt a bit yucky, but didn't think it warranted a visit to the doctor. Today my foot is sore and stiff and I've got some phantom injuries that I probably got from falling down the first time I passed out. My forehead hurts like the Dickens and my knee and my hip both hurt. Not an entirely pleasant experience.

  • So, we got home and after being home for a while I just started bawling. I was so mad that JDub wasn't taking better care of me. It turns out, I'd fallen asleep for 5 minutes and he was putting away dishes and groceries during that time. But I was soooooo mad at him and sooooo sad.

  • You're probably wondering why I've been such a bawl baby this week and why poor JDub has gotten the brunt of it. Well, my hormones are most certainly going wild and it probably due in part to the fun little surprise I got earlier this week.

    If you can't tell, that's two pink lines. I'm pregnant. If you knew that we have been trying for another baby for a little over a year and a half, you'd think that's wonderful news, right? Well, not exactly. Of course it's wonderful news to be pregnant. We are so ready to welcome another little one into our home. What makes it possibly not good news is this:

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with fertility charting, my basal body temperatures have been going steadily down since I learned I was pregnant. This could be a fluke and we could still have a lovely baby around Christmas this year. But, generally, that kind of pattern is not a good thing. It usually signals an impending miscarriage. I miscarried our last baby almost exactly 9 months ago. And I may or may not miscarry this time, but the very thought of another miscarriage makes me MAD, MAD, MAD. I feel like a wounded preschooler. I just want to raise my face to the heavens and shout at God "NO FAIR!" I know that, for better or worse, this too shall pass. I know that my struggles of the last while are nothing compared to the years of infertility that many women endure. But I still don't feel any better.

  • So, I finally watched Pride and Prejudice all the way through last night. I loved it sooooo much. I'll definitely read the book soon.

  • I'm watching my nephews today. They're adorable little redheads, 1 and 3. Big Red (the 3 yo) is just a week older than Mashuga. They've been pretty good so far.

  • We also had them over night last night. Little Red (the one year old) was not too happy about not having his Mama. So, this morning I woke up to find myself sleeping with 4 men, JDub, Little Red, Mashuga and Scud. What a lucky woman I am!

    And that seems like a fabulous way to wrap up this not so happy wrap. Hope you have wonderful weekend!


    Kelly said...

    Congratulations on the pregnancy and I really hope that it all goes well for you.
    I love that you are doing the Friday Wrap! Congrats on becoming a doula. How very cool.
    Sorry about your fainting incident at the store. That could NOT have been fun.
    Hey. See ya next week at the Wrap!

    FrogLegs said...

    Congrat's!! I always love it when peopple who've been trying get lucky and it works. MC's suck. I can think of other words- but they aren't nice. Here's praying it won't happen. I should chart- but... I wake up at 4:30am already, and I'm too lazy at that time in the morning. fingers & toes crossed. OH! I would have yelled about them putting groceries back- for even asking, LOL! I never go GS with my kid and he's 7, LOL!