Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Collards Were a No Go

So, usually I wonder if I'm doing any good in these kids' lives. Or at least I hope I'm not messing them up too badly.

But then a night like tonight happens and I figure that either life at our house is not all bad or I've just been blessed with incredible little people for children or JDub and I really are warping them. Or all three.

So you may have heard of or some other similar food co-op. We love it. We get loads of fresh produce for only $15 a week and as an added bonus we are exposed to foods we wouldn't normally buy.

The big newbies this week were Fuyu Persimmons (yum!) and Collard Greens.

Well, I decided to make collard greens with black-eyed peas and ham and cornbread.

My valiant family sat down, willing to try a bit of everything.

I'll give you a hint here: It was gross.

But rather than complaining, everyone managed to eat enough to not be hungry and to joke about it.

Some of the thins said regarding dinner tonight:

"Wow, Mom. This food is really... something."

"This is really food!"

"This meal makes me want to write a poem. Ambiguity intended."

"Mom, this food is way better than starving to death!"

"Rusty really likes this meal. She sure is getting a lot of it!"

And after the meal when it's time to brush teeth:

"After that, brushing teeth will be like a treat! It'll get the taste out."

All of this said with a smile and a good attitude.

I love these crazy people I live with.

And for the record, black eyed peas and collard greens will remain off-menu at our house.

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