Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Collards Were a No Go

So, usually I wonder if I'm doing any good in these kids' lives. Or at least I hope I'm not messing them up too badly.

But then a night like tonight happens and I figure that either life at our house is not all bad or I've just been blessed with incredible little people for children or JDub and I really are warping them. Or all three.

So you may have heard of or some other similar food co-op. We love it. We get loads of fresh produce for only $15 a week and as an added bonus we are exposed to foods we wouldn't normally buy.

The big newbies this week were Fuyu Persimmons (yum!) and Collard Greens.

Well, I decided to make collard greens with black-eyed peas and ham and cornbread.

My valiant family sat down, willing to try a bit of everything.

I'll give you a hint here: It was gross.

But rather than complaining, everyone managed to eat enough to not be hungry and to joke about it.

Some of the thins said regarding dinner tonight:

"Wow, Mom. This food is really... something."

"This is really food!"

"This meal makes me want to write a poem. Ambiguity intended."

"Mom, this food is way better than starving to death!"

"Rusty really likes this meal. She sure is getting a lot of it!"

And after the meal when it's time to brush teeth:

"After that, brushing teeth will be like a treat! It'll get the taste out."

All of this said with a smile and a good attitude.

I love these crazy people I live with.

And for the record, black eyed peas and collard greens will remain off-menu at our house.

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Trishelle said...

GOOD GRIEF, I love this family!! I can almost hear the echoes of those sweet voices and the laughing in my head. I bet your family will remember tonight's meal for years to come...not the taste or even the smell...but the hilarity that ensued from the humiliated collards that will never entirely fulfill the measure of their creation.

Way to make a very brave effort, my Lovelies!!

Monica said...

I wish my kids were so amusing when they don't like a dish I cook.

JAMIE said...

You are doing something right, I'd love jokes to ensue, but all I hear are complaints.

Emnacnud said...

really, mine turned out YUMMY!!!I cooked them with chicken, onion, garlic and olive oil, and a good amount of water and salt, I had them on a sandwich and oh it was divine. Though when I tried to repeat the succese the next day I did not put enough water in and they burnt and that was NOT yummy.
That is great that your family could laugh about it, I had everyone try a bit but only as a small side. Joe even said they where okay...come to think of it we had them once in Alabama made by those who do it all the time and I think they did it the ham way and we did not like it much, if you are dareing you should try it again with chicken instead you may like it, but then again you may not I do have weard tastes.

Val'n'Ben said...

The ham and cornbread sound delicious!

Word Verification: ratest

As in: Collard greens and black eyed peas ratest somewhere between frid okra and rocky mountain oysters.

Ben and Teri said...

Your family is awesome! I love their attitude.