Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wow, it really has been a long time

Thanks, Emily, for noticing.

I've really been a slacker blogger lately. I haven't written in my blog. I've visited a few blogs, but I haven't commented.

So, I'll probably get back in the swing of things. Eventually.

But right now I'm fairly busy with my real life.

My family is taking a tremendous amount of faith, prayer, work and worry right now. My kids are getting ready to go to a new charter school, which I am helping to prepare. I have been teaching classes and going to meetings and planning workshops.

Real life is actually something that would be rather interesting to blog about right now, but I'm just too busy to write it all down.

So, I'll get back on here eventually. Just wanted anyone who was wondering to know that I am okay. If okay means that I'm incredibly busy and that holding my family and my life together is currently taking every ounce of energy I can muster.

Oh and the pregnancy is going incredibly well. I am now just over 17 weeks and feeling this little one moving about constantly. What a miraculous feeling that is.

I'm off today to get our dog's shots up to date and renew her license. Then, we're probably going to a soccer game tonight. Woohoo!


Edge said...

Heh, I noticed too, but figured I wasn't one to talk about long periods of not posting. I have missed your updates, though.

FrogLegs said...

Hello!!!!!!!! 17 wks-- fabulous!! :) I've just moved,and gotten settled- so I'm off to catch up with my old pals. Love the pictures below--- your hubby looks seriously familiar-- and it was baptism day! Maybe it's the white's?! :) I'll be back!

Emily said...

real life? a pretty reasonable excuse. :) glad things are going well, and that pregnancy is progressing so fabulously!! :)