Monday, October 16, 2006

Recent Kid Funnies


As we were getting into the car after leaving Kaitybean and Scud's school I said, "Let's go shopping. Mommy needs some new pants."

He looked up at me and said, "Why did you pee in them or something?"

Then, tonight as I was cleaning up after dinner he said, "Everything I wish, I dream. Like, I wished that your bum would fall off. But that was just my dream."


We were helping our neighbors move out a few nights ago when JDub and I stopped at the gate for a stolen moment and a kiss.

Then, behind me I heard Kaitybean clearing her throat.

"I'm sorry to interrupt the love mood," she said, "but I've got a really big wagon here."


We learned a little bit more about Scud's eating habits the other day. This kid can really put food away.

After three and a half large portions of lasagna last week, he asked for more.

"Scud, I think you're full," I told him.

"But I don't hurt yet," he replied.

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FrogLegs said...

CUte!! And on the below post-- YAY! Finally time for you to think about you!!! Wonderful, yay!