Friday, October 03, 2008


Big gold star to the first person who can match the following goals to the corresponding children:

A. These two children have a goal to win a lego contest, earn fabulous prizes and live in the lap of luxury for the rest of their childhood.

B. This child has undertaken a campaign to single-handedly make the IKEA people rich.

C. This child wants to be an American Idol, an olympic gymnast and an inventor.

D. This child wants to invent a small ball that will make a planet explode in less than an hour.

E. Last, but not least, this child is determined to break the records for world's longest and loudest burp.

We're reaching for the stars, here, people.

As soon as your answers are in, I will reveal the mystery children and the stories behind their awesome goals.


Trishelle said...

Hehe! A couple of these made me laugh out loud! Here are my guesses, if they are people we know:

A. Scud and Ethan

B. HHHmmmm. I'm stumped.

C. Kaitybean

D. Mashuga

E. Kaitybean...but she will only succeed if she can burp longer than me...(it's a hidden talent I don't share with many people)

Jeff and Jessie said...

They all sounds like Jeffrey to me!!

Val'n'Ben said...

A. Scud and Kaitybean
B. Scud
C. Mashuga
D. Mashuga
E. Kaitybean