Monday, April 20, 2009

My To-Do List This Week

In no particular order:

  • Prune and spray our apple tree
  • Till (and maybe plant) our garden
  • Clean the yard
  • Finish cutting squares for Coco and Mashuga's quilts (that I started over a year ago)
  • Re-work my week four class plan and prepare for it
  • Renew my driver's license (which expired yesterday)
  • Plan time for writing and reading scriptures into my day
  • Exercise at least 4 more times this week (yoga this morning, ahhhh...)
  • Finally answer emails from two of my favorite BILs
  • Buy strawberries and make jam


sara said...

I didn't notice my license had expired for 18 months. I was so worried when I went in to get it. The lady who helped me was new and didn't know what to do and had to get a supervisor. They asked why I had let it lapse so long and I just shook my head. "I'm dumb" I said.

JAMIE said...

Heather, I got strawberries at the Buy Low market for $.87/lb!! If that sale is still going, it will go through tomorrow I believe. Their new ad starts Wednesday.

diana said...

I'm making strawberry jam this week too!

Heather said...

Jamie, don't you love Sunflower? I made Blackberry jam last week because they had blackberries for only $0.77 a box.

Diana, too bad you're in CA. We could make jam together.