Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One Morning In December

Some December mornings feel like this for me.

One Morning in December
by Heather Duncan

Just now I’ve slipped
from the softness of sheets on skin
to savor the silky silence
of morning before dawn.

Rusty, our golden retriever,
nudges me and I slide
the back door open.
She runs headlong into icy air.

I start the teakettle toward her singing
then sit to scribble this note to you.

Do you ever feel this breathless audacity?
This disbelief that moments such as these
save a space for you?


Melody said...

Beautiful! And, yes, I do ...

Trishelle said...

M&M, you are masterful at poetry. I've experienced such moments but could never have put them to words so beautifully. Isn't amazing that the Lord has given us those simple yet blissful moments of clear and deep serenity?

Thank you so much for sharing.