Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Iconic Scud Picture

There are always a few pictures taken each year of my children that I label "iconic.". Iconic, as in representative to me of exactly who they are at that moment in time.

Today I cut Scud's hair for the last day of school. He wanted another mohawk. I happily obliged, then snapped this picture.

When I saw it on the screen it immediately captured my heart. This is my Scud. Right now. He's learning to play football and be cool. He still asks his mommy for hugs several times a day. He's soooo handsome at this spot between little boy and big boy. I couldn't love him more.

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Val'n'Ben said...

I can't believe how different and how handsome he looks without glasses. Not that he's not handsome with them. I can't decide who he looks like. Hmmm

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he he he he (I said he's handsome the word verification says he ogre!)