Friday, June 11, 2010

12 years

This tiny 4lb 12.8 oz baby...

Turned 12 in May.

Went to the temple for the first time on the Saturday after her birthday. And has gone twice since then.

Just finished her second year of playing the cello.

Is super fun.

Just graduated from sixth grade.

Has an amazingly awesome best friend.

Has spent the last week at YW camp. I'm sure she's having a ball and not the least bit homesick. She's too much like her mother that way.

But oh I've missed her! I went into her room a couple of days ago and just lay on her bed, missing her, trying to draw some of her spirit from that messy, quirky, beautiful space of hers.

I'm so grateful to have this daughter of mine and can't imagine life without her. What a rewarding 12 years it has been.

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Gina said...

So grown up and so beautful! Glad she is enjoying being in YW! Going to the temple and girls camp so soon after her birthday - WHAT FUN!