Friday, January 26, 2007

Trying to Throw Her Arms Around the World

I didn't know that I was raising such a socially conscious daughter. It seems that's the case, but I don't think I can take too much credit for it. I am so proud of who she is.

First of all, she brought home an activity that she had done for Martin Luther King Jr. day at school. Here is what she wrote:

"I have a dream that many African children would be able to grow up strong and healthy. That poor pupils will be happy and live the life of their dreams. Just imagine a world of happy people. A foundation of a lifetime of happiness. Lives saved. A hospital. Children with choices, jobs and friends. Warm wool blankets. Whatever it takes to make dreams come true. I will do it. Helping other children. Children being adopted by loving, caring parents. A family, school and scholarships."

I read this when she brought it home and we talked about it.

"I really want to help, Mom." She told me. "I really want other kids to be as happy as I am."

We talked a little bit about my friend, Holly, and some of the work she's done in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Zambia. She said she wants to talk to Holly with me to get an idea of what help is needed and what she can do. She likes the idea of setting up a booth at her school to take donations of some sort. I'll keep you updated on what she figures out.

Then the other day she told me that she wanted to cut her hair. I've been threatening for months to cut her hair every time I brush it. She didn't want to. She'd spent so much time growing it out. Then, I talked her into the idea of losing just a few inches and layering it to reduce snarls. She thought that was a good idea.

So, we planned to visit her Aunt Sara for a haircut. On Wednesday she informed me that she wanted to cut at least 10 inches off so that she could donate it to Locks Of Love.

"I love the idea of a little girl like me getting a beautiful, curly blond wig to wear," she said on the way.

So, she did it. Here are the pictures of her before and after, with her donation.

If you look on my sidebar, there's a link to an album of recent pictures of my kiddos.


Emily said...

wow. bravo to kaitybean. i'm impressed at her level of social consciousness. it took me MUCH longer to learn how blessed (in material welath) i was in comparison to much of the world.

Derrick said...

Awesome...that's really all I can say.