Thursday, January 18, 2007

What a Day!!

This morning marked my second day of getting kids ready and driven to school. By myself. With a new baby. They were only about five minutes late (as opposed to fifteen minutes late on Tuesday). So we're making some progress. Life may settle down to it's pre-baby level of chaos and desperate attempts at order and organization. Or maybe this is just the new "normal" and I should just get used to it.

So, back to today. It was COLD this morning. JDub used his shop last night and kicked the car out of the garage. So my windshield looked a lot like this:

I scraped off enough for me to see decently, but as we got going it frosted over again. I could.not.see.anything. But I managed to pull off the road without killing us or any small children walking to school. Got out in the cold and scraped it again.

Then I got back in. And it sounded something like this:


The slit in my denim skirt tore all the way up to my bum. And I had to take Mashuga to a doctor's appointment right after dropping Kaitybean and Scud off.

What's a magically mama to do? Drive the kids to school of course. Then, stop by the friendly neighborhood grocery store for a roll of this:

Yes, that's right. I bought a roll of duct tape, made my way to the public restroom with two little boys in tow, took off my skirt and duct taped the tear together again. I even managed to tape it together and get it back on before anyone else walked into the restroom.

So, we made our way to Dr. Mumford's office and got there only ten minutes late. Hooray! Now this is a new pediatrician for us and so far I love him, but that's another post. (Finally a Dr. I like and trust and can talk to!)

Mashuga has only been in this office once. He came with me to Jack's 2 week visit. But this is Mashuga we're talking about. The second we turned the corner to go back to the exam room we were greeted with cries of "Hey, I remember you buddy!" and "The super-fast super-hero is back!" and "How are those huge four-year-old feet treating you?" Every nurse. Every assistant. They all remembered my Mashuga. He tends to have that effect on people. They find him exasperating or enchanting or both. But they usually remember him.

So, while I was discussing Mashuga's health and development with Dr. Mumford, he decided to jump off the exam table. It startled Dr. Mumford. I was unfazed.

"I can see your challenge with this one will be to just keep him alive?" the Dr. laughed.

Yep. That's Mashuga. 24-hour suicide watch.

After our visit to the Dr., we made our way here:

I wanted to see what they have to offer to help us fulfill Scud's drum-playing dreams. We took a tour and I tried to ignore the fact that I was following a well-dressed man through a very cool school in a skirt that I'd duct taped together in a public restroom.


I was HIGHLY impressed and if we can fit it into the budget I think we'll get Scud started there right away. And we'll probably get Kaitybean restarted on piano, too.

After this, we picked Scud up from school, went home and watched the last two episodes of this:

I've been fighting the urge all day to visit the local video store to see if they have season three. TV series are bad. The last time we got hooked on one was when we borrowed a SIL's copy of Alias, Season One. We watched Alias nearly every night for a couple of months until we finished all of the seasons. Yikes.

Thankfully this evening has been much less eventful than the morning.

I found out that JDub put out a huge fire at work today. No, he's not a firefighter. And a huge propane tank was involved. I'm glad he came home all in one piece.

Kaitybean spent the better part of two hours baking cookies in her Easy Bake Oven. What's so easy about those anyway. Sure she can do it independently. But taking almost two hours to bake just 6 small cookies seems like the hard way to me. But what do I know. I'm not eight years old anymore.

I read a few more chapters of "Reviving Ophelia" today. Wow, that is a chilling book. It is so true to many of my experiences as an adolescent girl. And I was lucky enough to stay away from drugs and alcohol and to have a strong family. The things that happen to our adolescent girls, even at the most mild, are so perturbing. But that's another post for another day. Stay tuned. I'm desperate to figure out how to save my sweet, capable daughter from the hurricane of a sexist, frightening and girl-diminishing society. And lucky you, you get to read all about it!

It's been a crazy day. But I learned that you can repair a skirt with duct tape and still keep your pride. So, it's still a good day to be me.

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Anonymous said...

very impressed with your quick thinking - duct tape can fix anything, apparently. :)