Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Just a few things going on right now.

  • I feel like a Garth Brooks song. Much too young to feel this darn old. I have FOUR children. Did you read that? Read it again. FOUR CHILDREN. I'm not even thirty yet! That, and I have LOTS of gray hair. I'll post a picture soon. Seriously. A LOT OF GRAY HAIRS. No, this isn't just the before thirty freak out about the first gray hair. I got my first gray hair when I was seventeen. Since then they have been reproducing like bunnies. There are families upon families of gray hairs. Sometimes I like it. Each gray hair is like a badge of honor. I worked hard for it. They're like tiny little signs of a life well lived. But, I'd rather wear them proudly at 50 than pre-30. I think I'll be calling my SIL soon about a color and cut.

  • Kaitybean has been studying ancient Rome in her class. Today they had a Roman Festival and Feast. She was very excited and was voted to be the Empress for the party. We also survived her first major school report. She wrote about Pompeii and interjected letters from a little girl who moved to Pompeii just months before Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. She did a fantastic job. Her teacher stopped me during carpool to let me know how great she thought it was. What a cool daughter I have. What a neat school. What a neat teacher.

  • Mashuga has spent the whole day in his room. This child is STUBBORN. He has two shirts, a pair of pants and seven toys on his floor. Not too much for a four year old to take care of on his own. He's been told that he can't come out of his room until it is clean. So, he has napped, played, sung and wandered about his room ALL DAY LONG. Because he doesn't feel like picking up a grand total of 10 things.

  • Scud is OBSESSED with Calvin and Hobbes lately. SERIOUSLY OBSESSED. He has a toy monkey that he calls Hobbes and frequently re-enacts Calvin and Hobbes comics. One good thing about this -- his reading level is improving dramatically as he gets at least one C&H book from the library each week and reads it from cover to cover. One bad thing -- when he answers the phone by saying "Hi, Scud speaking. I'd like to order a triple anchovy pizza." Then, when the person on the other end asks for someone at our house he says, "I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number." And he hangs up on them.

  • JDub. Well, JDub made a bold move today. I've complained often of his frustration with work. He is truly overworked, underpaid and (worst of all for him) kept from doing his job properly because of the micro-mis-management at his place of employment. So, today he took in a resume detailing his experience and contributions to the company and essentially re-applied for a job there. He outlined what he wants to do, what needs to change in order for him to make his branch of the business profitable and how he will be accountable for his results. Basically, he told his two bosses that either they let him play by his rules or he's taking his ball and playing somewhere else. Hopefully they'll listen. His ball is really pretty important to their game there and he plays a huge role, bringing in more than 50% of their sales volume. I would think any employer would be glad to get the resume and letter he turned in today. In essence it said, "Get out of my way and let me make lots of money for you or I'll walk." He didn't ask for higher pay. Didn't make any ludicrous demands. He just wants to do his job, do it well and allow both the company and his family to profit from the results. Sounds reasonable to me. Still, depending on the response, he may soon be looking for a new job. Which might mean a move. Which I might not be happy with. Happy thoughts our way, please.

    So, there you go. That's all I have to say for now.


    Emily said...

    my fingers are crossed for Jdub's work. hoping you won't have to move.

    and the paragraph about scud make me laugh out loud. not just the pizza thing, but then hanging up on people calling your house? hilarious. mostly b/c it's not happening at my house. :)

    FrogLegs said...

    Hope the job thing works out... I understand about the move... it's on my list of "don't like you because" for Joe. He knows it- and while the move offered some great things- it's left me lonely, depressed, and not in a good place. Who knew how more important friends are when you get old?!