Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Random Act of Kindness

In what I hope will be a regular installment here, I am reporting a random act of kindness and senseless beauty committed last night.

I was at the store at 11pm getting food for today and things for the lesson I will be teaching in church. While standing in line, Coco got very fussy. He was tired and tired of being in his carseat. So, I took him out and held him. And in typical mother fashion I began loading things from my cart onto the conveyor belt with one hand while holding Coco in the other.

Then, without being asked, the people behind me said, "Can we help you with that?" And they began getting things from my cart for me.

Their names were Brad and Annie and I want to say THANK YOU to them. It had been a VERY difficult evening after a difficult day. I was downtrodden and heartbroken. As I began the work of taking things out of my cart I thought for a moment how great it would be to have help. I didn't expect to get any.

So, Brad and Annie were like angels from heaven. They lifted my spirits and helped my soul much more than my body. I'm a mother. I could have handled things on my own. But my heart was lifted to know that someone else was there and willing to make my burdens lighter.


Brillig said...

Yay for Brad and Annie! And I love the idea of doing this as a regular feature here!!

Rynell said...

Hurrah for a little kindnesses!