Saturday, August 16, 2008

Eleven Years

Eleven years, six homes, four children, six cars, seven jobs and one dog later...

And I still love him like this...
only more so.

Just a sampling of reasons why I adore my husband:
  • He is the hardest worker I have ever known. He has never failed to provide for our family, regardless of the personal sacrifices involved.
  • He teaches me every day.
  • He is intelligent and so much fun to talk to. He is also a "repository of useless human knowledge". I'm amazed at the things he just happens to know.
  • He's still interested in everything.
  • He is hilarious and makes me laugh every day.
  • He is incredibly generous and always willing to give to others.
  • He loves our family fiercely.
  • He is man of great personal integrity. He cares much more about living up to his own values and the Lord's expectations of him than he cares what the world thinks.
  • He believes in me. He gives me wings to fly and has always been 110% supportive of whatever it is I am passionate about at the moment.
  • And he still thinks I'm beautiful after all of these years.
  • He is quirky and fun to be with.
  • He knows how to fix (most) things. Growing up with a Dad who could fix just about anything, this is a must for me. He still defers to my Dad in the car department. :)
  • He is humble and seeks to serve the Lord. One of my favorite stories from his mission in Santiago Chile: He was almost finished with his two year mission and his mission president called him in to his office. President Walker gave JDub the choice to have any position he wanted, to do anything he wanted with the rest of his mission. He could have chosen any number of leadership positions that would have been impressive to write home about. Instead, he chose to work in a difficult area with a younger missionary who was really struggling because he felt like that's where he could do the greatest good. A man that chooses whole-hearted service and hard work over status and recognition -- that's gold to me. Now he teaches the 7 and 8 year olds in primary at church. He loves every minute of it and feels like he's doing the most important job in the church by loving and training these little ones. Primary scares the pants off of me, I'd much rather teach adults, so I'm exceedingly impressed by his attitude.
  • He is very loyal and loves his family and friends dearly.
Like I said, just a small sampling. I could go on much longer.

Oh and did I say he's goofy and he makes me happy? Check out this picture. We're definitely a goofy pair, no?


emily said...

happy anniversary! i love your pictures. :) you guys look like kids!

JAMIE RBZ said...

YAY for such a great look back over your lives! I love you both and I'm so glad that you have each other!