Thursday, August 28, 2008

Matters of Faith

For those who do not know, and I sincerely hope that most of you do, I am a "Mormon" or a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I am generally quite hesitant to share those things that are most sacred to me and closest to my heart. So I don't write here often about my spiritual feelings or experiences. Because of this, I often feel like my readers here miss some of the best of me. And sometimes I feel like I can't really share what's really making me happy at the moment.

I also don't want to fall into the trap of writing with the assumption that everyone who reads this shares the same vocabulary and beliefs that I do.

But I've decided that, because there are times I just want to sing for joy at the things that have touched me spiritually or the experiences I've had regarding my religion and my faith, I'm simply going to do that. And trust myself to share what is good to share and keep for myself the things that are best kept just for me.

I sincerely, deeply love to hear about others' religions and beliefs, no matter what they are. There is so much good in the world, so many good people who teach me so much through their yearning to be better, to make the world a better place and to find answers.

And, guess what? It has finally occurred to me that I am deserving of the same kind of love and respect and open-hearted listening that I am happy to give to others. Who would have guessed it? :)

So, I am venturing into the unknown territory of sharing more about my inner life than I have before. I hope the things that lift me will lift you, too. And for those of you who don't share my religion, please know that you are always, always welcome to ask me questions about anything I say that you don't understand -- any questions big or small.

And to begin with, I want to share with you a video that I came across today that touched me deeply. Enjoy!


Trishelle said...


Words fail me. That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. You are truly a powerful representative of what you believe.

Thank you for sharing the light you have with the world. You exemplify the Savior's words when He said, "let your light so shine".

Emnacnud said...

thanks for that it is just what i needed to hear.

JAMIE RBZ said...

Amazing, that's all I can say. Thank for sharing.

Jeff and Jessie said...

as always, you find such beautiful ways to share.
you are truly a treasure.
love you

Rynell said...

I love those words. Thanks for sharing this.

Rae said...

This is Rachel--Abby Hanson's sister. I happened across your blog (as that happens to happen), and I just have to tell you thank you for posting that video! It made me cry, and it was actually a really specific answer to some really specific prayers. So thank you!! (And I hope you don't mind my stumbling across you. Feel free to go peruse MY blog!)