Friday, February 13, 2009

Favorite Blog Posts of the Week (Feb 13, 2009)

Here are my favorite blog posts for this week:

Brighton Woman's post, Types of Miscarriages & What To Do If You're Miscarrying, was a great post with great information that every woman of childbearing age could use. I know her personally and know she's not only lived through this, but always does her homework and certainly knows what she's talking about.

Skanooey posted this week about her husband's response when she told him she had PCOS. Made me laugh out loud. Thank Heavenly For A Sense Of Humor.

Segullah's blog is one of my favorite blogs. It is smart, sincere and thought-provoking. Melissa's post this week, Ye Who Have Not and Yet Have Sufficient, echoed my own feelings about barely making ends meet financially, faith and choosing whether or not to accept government assistance. It really hit home and is a very timely post.

Trishelle's post about her experience on the night of Heath Ledger's death was actually written in January, but I just read it this week. So, it makes the list. It was a poignant way of stating what I often feel also. I'm so grateful that I'm not movie star material. A Year After Heath Ledger's Death...

Also written, um, not this week (I'm a bit behind on my blog reading) was this post: Public Breastfeeding: why more is better. I am, of course, big on public breastfeeding rights. But her premise, that public breastfeeding helps other mothers learn to breastfeed, was one I had not considered.

Last but not least, if you haven't heard yet about the national health registry built into the new spendulus plan, you really ought to look into it. Maybe I'm turning into a Republican in my old age. (Or maybe I've just always been a nutty, libertarian leaning centrist.) But the very idea of this makes me want to stifle a scream into my fist. Very Orwellian. Very 1984. Ick. Oh yeah, the post. Here's what my BIL had to say about it: Obama Wants To See Your Health Records.

So, what about you? What were your favorite blog posts this week? Did I miss something profoundly enlightening or side-splittingly un-missable?

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Mommy Bee said...

aww, thanks. :)
I started off just telling a couple of my own stories, and realized that people just need to talk about miscarriage. There were so many things I wished I had known beforehand--I made such different choices with my later ones than i did with my first couple. I was so scared then, and I am not scared now, and the knowledge is what makes the difference. So I've found my calling I guess--go into all the world and tell them about miscarriage. Not very glamorous, but definitely very needed. :)