Monday, February 09, 2009

Random Thoughts For a Random Monday

Malt O Meal: Coco is eating Malt O Meal this morning for breakfast. As we speak he is making a huge mess. He loves it, but it's not so easy for toddlers to eat. He refused to wear a bib, to boot. He is wearing his last clean shirt.

So, today is a laundry day. I'm WAAAAAAYYY behind. After a few weeks of diligent one-load-a-day days, I'm regressing to my old, wash and fold laundry all day ways.

Math: Before we started with the folding, Scud and I started on some math. As happened when I homeschooled Kaitybean, the frustration with Saxon Math has come. Perhaps it was inevitable. The circular structure of it makes the kids (and me) feel like we're doing a TON of math without actually getting anywhere. It's like running on a hamster wheel. So, we're going to try some new things -- math games only for drilling math facts, Singapore Math for general math instruction. Later this week or next we'll do a placement test to see where Scud actually needs to be in Singapore, but for now I just dug an old 1st/2nd grade book out of the book box. From what I've seen from just the few pages he's done, this has already restored a bit of his confidence and sense that math can be fun.

Asperger's Syndrome: Because my oh-so-clever-and-charmingly-irreverent sister has gotten both JDub and I to the point that we can't say "Our son might have Asperger's." without laughing raucously at the juvenile humor surrounding the pronunciation of "Asperger's" we have now taken to calling it AS in our home. (And kudos to you if you actually finished that ridiculous run-on sentence with some sense of what I was trying to say.) We are currently working with the school psychologist to screen Scud for AS and other possibilities. He is a sweet, funny, wonderful child. He's also quirky and awkward and I'm finally starting to wonder if my constant feeling of NEVER being able to get it right with this child has something to it. Perhaps he has needs I don't understand and don't have the resources to meet. We shall see what comes of this. It could be any number of things, or nothing, but AS is what seems most likely at this point.

Last week, when I bought the 100 meter tube of my favorite floss, I thought "What's the point? Coco is just going to find it and pull out at least half of it anyway." Sure enough. A few days later I found him with at least 25 meters of floss wound all around his body and his bedroom. Some days I hate being right.

Facebook: I have a love/hate relationship with facebook. I love the ability to quickly see what so many people are up to and to re-connect with lots of people at once. But I also really dislike the illusion of actual friendship that it gives. There are days that it feels (to borrow a friend's phrase) about as sincere as the signing of high school yearbooks. And other days that I feel very connected to people only to realize that I haven't actually talked to any of them in person for years and have no solid plans for doing so in the future. Sort of weird, no?

Friendship: Then there's the whole feeling I have lately that I think I'm sort of impaired when it comes to the friendship thing. I've felt rather lonely lately. It's not that I don't have people who care about me or that I am at all isolated. It's just that I make friendship more difficult that it should be and, therefore, usually only allow myself to reach a certain point in relationships with most people. It can be hard to sort and resolve my many feelings regarding friendships: My Anne Shirley desire for a bosom friend and nothing less, My deep need for space and alone time, My ridiculous fear of phones and making phone calls, My lack of patience for the "shallow, boring stuff" at the onset of a friendship... I could go on, but chances are that you already think I'm a nutcase. Then, there's the fact that I haven't put the time into maintaining relationships with some of the wonderful women I have felt very close to in the past (You probably know who you are. Sorry I'm a dork.) On the positive side, I have my best girlfriend in my sister who is always patient with me and always loves me and also calls me out when I'm being stupid. I don't want to sound ungrateful just because I'm feeling odd about other friendships.

Government Spending:
I can't help but feel a bit (okay, very) uneasy about the runaway spending in which the government is currently engaging. Honestly, how long could your family survive financially if you continued to spend more and more and more money that you didn't have? I'm no economist, but I think that the American family has to be somewhat of a microcosm of the government. The enduring principles of thrift, staying out of debt, living within means seem like they should apply to governments every bit as much as to individuals. To paraphrase Dave Ramsey, you can't get out of a hole by digging in deeper. I can't seem to muster a lot of hope for the current stimulus package or the massive government bailouts of the past year.

Food Storage:
I think our family could live for about 2-3 months on what we have stored. Not perfect, but it's something. And we're working on more. Jessica, I need to call you and ask you some questions about your system for storing and rotating food. The way you do things always seems to make sense to me.

Sleep: I fell asleep in my dress last night. Putting Coco to sleep has gotten increasing difficult lately. And my tired, pregnant body usually just goes to sleep with him. Don't get me wrong, the sleep has been nice. But I usually wake up at 1am disappointed because I missed what little alone time JDub and I get.

Baby: This pregnancy is still surreal to me. I think I felt our little plum move yesterday. We'll see if it continues. But, I love this part. I love when I start feeling them move regularly and they become very real beings. So, I am 13 weeks today. Out of the first trimester, placenta likely fully functioning and starting to build hope that we will actually have a baby in August. I have not struggled with loss or infertility in ways that friends and family have, but I have had enough of a taste that I am a bit apprehensive and probably will continue to be. It also makes every moment of this experience just miraculous for me. Even if I only get to carry this baby for 13 weeks, that 13 weeks will have been a blessing. On another note, JDub calls her Alex. I like the name Alex but like other names better: Milly, Samantha, Claire. We shall see. Of course, she could be a boy.

Birth Dreams: Which leads to this. I had my first birth dream last night. I was all alone with my midwife (who was not the actual midwife I have hired, but a midwife that attended the majority of Coco's birth) and very calm and comfortable. Pushing was fast and easy (something I am really hoping for after the less-than-ideal experience of pushing out an asynclitic babe). And guess what, the baby was a BOY! All in all, it was a good dream though. JDub showed up just as baby was crowning. Nobody else was there. I'm starting to think that may be a good thing for me and am even considering (*gasp*) not hiring a doula this time around. Time will tell.

Xylitol and GSE and Nasal Irrigation: Oh my! I am currently experimenting with nasal irrigation as a way of dealing with the recurrent sinus infections I usually experience during pregnancy. I was finding some comfort and lessening of symptoms with simple irrigation with a saline solution. But, after some research into studies done regarding the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of both Xylitol and Grapefruit Seed Extract, I have begun to add those to my recipe. I'm not completely clear yet (and the studies all stated that Xylitol and GSE have greater success in preventing sinusitis than clearing existing sinusitis) but I am feeling much better. I am breathing more clearly, having fewer headaches. I wanted to be all scientific about it and record my symptoms and their severity for several days, then record them again after beginning the regimen of nasal irrigation. But, I decided I just didn't have the patience or ambition to do it. But, I'll continue to give you my purely anecdotal feelings on the matter. So far, so good. And I feel much better about attacking the problem directly (with fewer risk of side-effects) than by taking a systemic anitbiotic that is almost sure to end in a yeast infection and other possible side-effects. And if this little experiment doesn't work, I can always hit the doctor up for a z-pack.

Valentine's Day: JDub always out-does me in the gift-giving department. I really want to do something cool for him this year. Any ideas?

Have a good week!


sara said...

Oohhh I just finished Anne of the Island and I'm on to Windy Poplars. I was reading the end of Green Gables at mygym and Matthew died and I was sobbing. The other moms probably thought I was nuts. I know JUST how you feel. sigh.

I just read that the school people here in Utah are allowing a grant to pay for Singapore Math in schools! We also got very bored with Saxon.

Everytime I say Aspergers my dad and brother laugh and laugh.

Rosie said...

I didn't know you were expecting! Congratulations. I am celebrating with you.

I couldn't have said it better when it comes to my experience with friends. A bosom friend is my heart's desire, but I don't have the patience for the first part of friendship building. Or the time, I guess.

Abby Hanson said...

Heather! This was the most in-depth and newsy look into YOU I've seen in your posts for some time! I love all the updates on the family in general and all the poetry and everything else, but this was a treat to feel connected like that -- I could almost hear you talking. :)

So laundry day? More like, laundry days, laundry weeks, laundry LIFE. I kept doing one load a day and I started to feel like the laundry was NEVER done. I have successfully done laundry one day a week for a month and a half now! We hit Saturday and it can be hard to find anything really cute to wear, but we're not usually going anywhere special so we get by (and the Sunday stuff's already washed and ready to go for the next day!). I may have to break down and make it twice a week, but I'm really hoping I can get away with this. ;)

Keep us posted on how things go with Singapore Math! So far we've been pleased with Saxon, but I'll admit that we don't do all the drill pages. We just use computer math drills. Maybe that helps it from feeling so circular for us.

I am right there with you on the government spending! I consider myself to be pretty math savvy....but how does it work out that them spending more is going to help them out of this??

I had no idea you're pregnant! So you and Trishelle at the same time. Fun fun. That's really cool that you've figured out a way to relieve your sinus problems with nasal irrigation! I've had a cold the last week and when I called the midwife to ask about some-medicine-I-wanted-to-take-and-now-can't-even-remember-the-name-of she told me I should try a medi-pot. Have you ever heard of them? They're supposed to be pretty awesome...but I didn't get one because that was more if I thought this was a sinus/allergy problem - which I don't!

So funny that you dreamt you had another boy. :) This time around I had a dream early on that I had twins. The first one was a boy and I was so excited, so happy. But then the next one was a girl and her head fell off! But we put it back on and she was just fine...Pregnant dreams are Freudian like no other dreams it seems. They're so funny to me. (I am VERY excited about the girl we are having...despite what the dream implies.)

Holy cow, this has turned into a long comment....I better stop now while I'm ahead (SORT OF?!).

Anyway...congrats on the pregnancy and just think, you still have 75 meters of floss left!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Heather said...

Wow, Sara, Rosie, you just made me feel a lot less weird. Thanks!

Abby, I'm so with you on the pregnancy dreams. Weird. This one was good for me because it made me realize that I actually would be okay with having a boy. I'd love him just as much as I love all my others. Good to know.

The medi-pot is actually a neti-pot. And no, I haven't used one, but have heard good things about them. I just use a bulb syringe (same principle, it's just flushing out the sinuses) because that's what I had on hand. Hope you got your cold under control. It can be frustrating to be sick while pregnant because you can't just go out and take something to make you feel better.

Ah, well.

Jeff and Jessie said...

I'm a firm believer in GSE! I use it all the time. I also, well, to be completely disgusting, snort salt water. I do just that. Pour it into my hand, suck it up my nose and spit it out. Jeff can't handle it-it makes him gag, but it works for me!
As for the friendship thing-it totally counts that you have 4 almost five children and I am sure you have all the time in the world to nurture other relationships. Although we don't get a TON of time together, I have always felt you are one of my few, true friends. And I love it that we don't HAVE to talk all the time to feel that way. I don't like needy relationships and I feel ours is in a happy place!
I love you tons. You are a dear place in my heart.