Monday, January 19, 2009

What a Wonderful World

I have always loved Martin Luther King Jr, ever since I was a little girl. His words of hope, his message of love and unity have always sunk deep into my soul. His courage and determination to pursue a peaceful course toward equality have made him one of my heroes. I love every year to honor this man and to talk to my children about him.

This year is just that much more special. Tomorrow another inspiring man, who holds the hopes and dreams and trust of millions in his hands, will take the oath of office. I can't help being swept away in the excitement of Obama's new presidency. I have hope that we can really change the world together. That he is our nation's first black president, that decades-old-dreams will be fulfilled as he is inaugurated tomorrow is just the ultimate icing on the cake.

I'm proud to be an American today.


Kaitybean said...

Very special day, very special people.

diana said...