Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look What I Did Today

So, I was feeling like finishing some projects today. And I did!

First, a bag for my yoga mat. I usually just carry it and wanted something that I could just throw over my shoulder, mostly because I'm usually carrying a two year old as well.

Here are the pictures. On it's own and then modeled by the lovely Kaitybean (ignore the empty Dorito bag on the floor, will you please?).

I'm thinking of making more of these and selling them on etsy.

Then, I FINALLY finished the quilt tops for Mashuga and Coco's room. We redecorated their room a long time ago (years, I think) and it's taken me this long just to finish the quilt tops.

Here are the curtains they're meant to match:

And here are the two quilt tops:

I'm hoping to get them tied this weekend and finished by the end of next week.


Trishelle said...

Wow! Those are impressive. Productive days are so great like that! Good job on your projects. I'm seriously inspired by your quilting ability.

Kendra said...

Way to go. I think they all look great.