Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Source of Swine Flu

It was this kid!

My mom emailed me this picture a couple of days ago and I just had to share it.

Another interesting bit of information from our family about the swine flu...

A few days ago, Kaitybean came home from school and said, "Mom, I think the world's going to end soon."

"Why do you think that, Kaitybean?" I said, trying to take her seriously because I remember how mad it made me when people didn't take me seriously as a kid when I said stuff like that.

She looked at me with a somber face and said simply, "The swine flu."

I had a hard time not laughing, but held it in because I could tell she was truly, truly worried.

I explained to her how viruses are spread and how they work, how swine flu is both different from and the same as the flu that comes around every year. I explained that the odds of anyone she knows dying from it are very, very small.

Hopefully I reassured her. I hope, at least, that she was no longer worried that the swine flu would be the end of the world.


Jeff and Jessie said...

That would be my kid licking the pig and spreading the virus! Sorry everyone! You are such a good mom to take her serious. Sometimes we forget that the world is so big to these little ones.

Val'n'Ben said...

I heard someone say we'd have a black president when pigs fly. Well, Obama's been in office for a hundred days and swine flu!

Ben got this in a text message and rather than being offended I found it rather clever.


I'm tufferso I didn't cry.

Duchess said...

I love love love love love that photo! I wish it was of a kid I knew so I wouldn't feel weird printing it and hanging it on my fridge.

Also, I'm so glad that you treated Kaitybean like that. I had (have?) a freaky imagination and when I was a kid I kept it all to myself (and screwed up my sleeping) because the few times I shared I was laughed at or dismissed. You are a wonderful mom and I love learning from you.

Oh and "kilinfro"