Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Conversations With Coco

Coco cracks me up lately.

Among other things, I love it how he always comes to me crying and blurts out "Daddy (or Kaitybean or Mashuga or Scud) day me NO!" Telling Coco no is one of the worst things you can possibly do to him.

He has also started experimenting with pitting mommy and daddy against each other.

Like today for instance. We got home from the library and he wouldn't get out of the car.

"Coco, it's time to get out and go inside," I told him.
"No. It not. I tay," he calmly replied.
"No, Coco. It's time to come in the house!"
"Daddy day me yes! I tay!"

Then, just a few minutes ago I sat him at the table with a bowl of ice cream (mainly because it is the only food we have left in our house right now). Moments later, I look over to see him flinging the ice cream across the table and on his chair.

"Coco! I gave you ice cream so you could eat it, not fling it around the kitchen!"

I promptly took it away and came back to the table with a washcloth.

Coco looked at me sheepishly and said very calmly, "Mommy day me no."
"That's right. I told you no. Is that because you made a wrong choice?"
"Um. Yes. I dorry. It be otay. You no be mad."

How could anyone possibly be mad after that?

I love this kid.

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Val'n'Ben said...

Can I come steal him this week? Seeing you the other night only made me miss you worse. :(