Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Awesomeness That Is Coco Right Now

Coco is growing ever nearer to the "trying threes." And he's having a hard time adjusting to having all his buddies go to school and sharing Mommy with a baby all at the same time. And it shows.

He makes messes. LOTS of messes every day. He throws gargantuan temper tantrums over tiny things like his water not being "big 'nough" and his hot cocoa being made in the microwave instead of on the stove. Sometimes he takes a nap during the day. Sometimes he doesn't. And some days he is a monster child by 6pm regardless of nap status.

But he is also so darling and so awesome right now. He makes it all worth it.

At least once a day he holds my face between his chubby little hands and shakes it as he says "I like you! I like you! I like you!"

When the kids leave for school in the morning, he stands at the window and says sadly, "My buddies all gone. I need some buddy to play with." To him somebody=some buddy. And it fits. He has so many buddies in this world and loves them all sooooo much.

He remembers every week that "payboop is on Wenday" and asks me frequently "It Wenday yet, Mama? I go payboop?"

So many things right now are absolute and hyperbole. "I nebber pay my cars again!" He cries when I make him put them away. "I nebber, ebber, ebber keen my woom!!!"

He is learning grammar, as is common for this age. And vocabulary. He calls nearly everyone "him" or "he" no matter what their gender. And he cracks us all up when he randomly adds "either" or "again" at the end of his sentences. Especially when he's mad. It's like an exclamation point. "I want ice cream. EITHER!"

He is that passionate, beautiful blend of sweet, sassy, curious and mischievous that is two-going-on-three. He needs me desperately and he knows it. He wants to be his own man. And he wants me to know it.

He enchants and exasperates me in equal measure.

And I'm so glad to be his mama.

Coco-buddy, I like you! I like you! I like you!

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Val'n'Ben said...

He makes my heart happy! While reading this and thinking of all of the other Coco stories I could add I went into a fit of laughter. Had an officer clear from a traffic stop and was entirely unable to respond because I was laughing uncontrollably!

Heather said...

You SHOULD add some stories. The whole time I was writing this I was kicking myself, knowing there were so many more funny, cool things I could write but I couldn't remember them!

Ben and Teri said...

I love this post. You are so good at seeing the good things about all of your children. You are such an amazing mom. I sure miss you!

Jeff and Jessie said...

He is so so cute! I love how he is so his own person and makes sure we all know it!

Val'n'Ben said...

How about the fact that he won't let my husband get close to me or cuddle with me? He can be playing halfway across the room, if he sees Ben is cuddling up to me he'll dart across the room and climb into my lap pushing Ben out of the way!

Or driving from your house to mine with the joyful (even if they did get a little old after an hour) shouts of my name "BOWEE!" turn my head for the fiftieth time, "What Jack?" "DOOO DA DOOO!"

Or the fact that I have to take Jack into another adult in the other room and leave quietly through the front door before he realizes I'm leaving, or else sneak out the back door because he's guarding the front door! (on more than one occassion!)

Or that I frequently have wet spots on my shirt because he thinks it's funny to lick me!

And that I would buy a snow cone every day just to see that bright red mustache and hear him say "I like your lurpee!"