Monday, October 12, 2009

Dispatch From Crazyland

Just a note. Driving home from Arizona to Utah all in one day sucks. Seriously sucks rocks. Especially by 1:24am when both parents are tired and kidlets are still not sleeping.

But, for the sake of your sanity and to keep a happy tone on this sweet lil blog o mine, we'll play the glad game.

-I'm so glad I've gotten to spend the last 15 hours talking to, reading with, laughing with, arguing with, holding hands with and otherwise playing with and enjoying my sweetheart and best friend.

-I'm so glad that sweet Peanut has been such a good baby on this trip. He has slept well and barely fussed at all.

-I'm so grateful for breast pumps and big kids who can hold bottles and replace binkies. How did we ever do road trips otherwise?

-I'm glad we got to spend so much time talking with and getting to know JDub's cousin Byron. Seriously. What a cool guy. Whatever woman gets to marry him will be a lucky, lucky woman.

-I'm glad we got to celebrate the life of a lovely, righteous woman. Glad my children got to learn about her and her life.

-I'm glad for iPhones, GPS and Google Maps. Oh. and U-turns.

-I'm glad we've gotten to spend so much time with siblings and best friends. I adore JDub's siblings and their spouses. And their kids. I have such cool nephews.

-I'm glad for a functioning car. And portable DVD players. And books. And pretzels. And public parks. And playplaces in fast food joints. And caffeine. Yes, even caffeine.

I guess there's much more to be glad for than to complain about.

I'm glad for perspective.

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Real said...

Did it really take you 15 hours? That is the pits! I was expecting 12-13 but we made it in 10 1/2.

Also, I was just wondering if you had ever tried nursing a baby while in the carseat? I have never been a successful pumper and that's what I always had to do.

And I totally agree about having big kid along on trips. I can't believe that we used to make this trip with just babies, toddlers and preschoolers. So much nicer now!

Heather said...

It actually took us 16 hours. But that's becausewe had a couple extra long stops and an hour long detour where we headed back south on 40 and didn't realize it until we stopped talking long enough to see the signs for Los Angeles and realize the afternoon sin was on our right instead of our left. :)

And yes, I've done the nursing in the caraway thing many, many times. Pumping worked wonders in this trip though I wasn't really able to pump enough for a full meal fior him, but I could always get enough to satisfy him until the next stop.

Heather said...

Ummm... I meant afternoon sun. Not afternoon sin. Heehee.

Heather said...

And carseat. Not caraway. Lack of sleep + typing on phone = lots of mistakes.

JAMIE said...

I love this! My bed was a welcome sight at 230am. :) I know yours was as well!

Keiauni said...

Loved that post! You are amazing, and I just love ya!!

You really are magical:)

Trishelle said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a great trip and you got be with JDub and enjoy each other. I'm glad your home safe and have fun memories to look back on.

Jeff and Jessie said...

you can also be glad you didn't have any of us Barretts with you-we are CRANKY travelers!!!! Glad you made it safe-we missed you at the baptism!!

Trishelle said...


I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I love you! I've been thinking about you and the clan. I'm sooooo sorry you guys have been so sick! What can I do to help?!