Sunday, August 01, 2010

Growing Up -- Conversations With Scud and Mashuga

A couple of weeks ago, Scud plopped down on the couch, heaved a sigh and said "Mom, there are three reasons I don't want to grow up and three reasons I do."

"Tell me," I encouraged. 

Another sigh. 

"Well, first when I grow up I'll have to get a job and work all the time. I like being a kid and having my freedom. Second, when I grow up I'll have to, like, budget and be careful with my money and pay bills and stuff. Now I just save enough money for candy or soda and then I just buy it."

"Yep. You won't be able to do that as much anymore."

Solemn nod. 

"And the third reason. When you're a grown up, people give you really dumb presents.  Like last Christmas, someone gave you a picture frame.  A picture frame!  There wasn't even a picture in it."

Of course I laughed.  I like getting picture frames as presents.

"So, Scott, what are the three reasons you do want to grow up?"

He takes a deep breath and then all at once says, "I wanna go on a mission! I wanna get married! I want to eat escargot!"

What a kid.

So, fast forward a few weeks.  It is morning.  We are on vacation and sleeping at a hotel.  Mashuga crawls into bed with me and curls close, warm and sleepy and delicious.

"Mom, I really don't want to grow up," he says.

"Oh?  Why is that?"

"I'm really having fun and just like being little and being a little kid. Plus, when I grow up, this world is going to run out of oil."

I stifle a giggle.  Who knew that he worried about things like this?

"Yeah and when the world runs out of oil, we won't be able to use cars and stuff and they'll have to start tearing down houses to mine for oil there."

"You think so?  I think that if the world runs out of oil we'll just figure out better ways of doing things.  We'll have to find better ways to use electricity for cars and harness the power of the sun and the wind."

He thinks about this for a minute.

"Actually, Mom, I think I do want to grow up.  Cuz I'm going to be a scientist and I need to grow up so I can invent that kind of stuff so when we do run out of oil it will be ok because I'll make a better way to make electricity and cars and stuff."

Yes, Mashuga.  As much as I hate to see it happen, you'd better grow up.  Whether you're going to be a scientist or not, the world needs you.


Gina said...

Angels. I like your kids a lot! I think I may have mentioned that before. Obviously you are a stellar parent. They love to talk to you about these very important world issues. I can't get over their intelligence!

Chris said...

Oh, how I love your boys. And how I love that you do not make them feel insignificant when they have important things on their mind. I love that you listen to them, making minor suggestions that make them think more, but you value their thoughts and ideas. Thanks for sharing these special moments.