Monday, August 23, 2010

Let Me Show You a Story of Coco's Front Teeth

They came in all cute, like this, poking pearly white through the gums. But they had a problem -- defective enamel.
Thus, the slightly pitted teeth turned into brown and crumbling teeth.
Which led to this -- major dental work under anesthesia.

His dentist armor-plated them and tried to make them look as natural as possible.
Two weeks later he was running and, you guessed it, hit his teeth.  Hard.  We thought they'd fall out, but I prayed like crazy and they stayed in.  But they never looked as good after that.  And the dentist said they'd be more prone to infection after trauma like that.
Fast forward about a year. Coco starts having big pustules above his teeth that hurt and drain when they're popped or bumped.  (You can thank me now for not posting pictures of that!) We return to the dentist.

Sure enough, all four top front teeth are abscessed. They all have to be removed.  Coco looks like this for two months. Except the gaping holes went away after a few days.
The dentist makes Coco a glued-in retainer with four new prosthetic teeth.  He looks so handsome.

Two hours later.
Three hours later.
We return to the dentist.  He saves the day by fixing and replacing the retainer. AND (bless him) does not charge us for the second visit.
Coco has a super week and a half with his new chompers.
No words.

Here they are. Waiting for repair. For Mommy to decide it's worth it to pay to fix them and try again. For now he's happily sticking his tongue out with his mouth closed and chomping from the side and not eating corn on the cob.


Gina said...

So frustrating. Those new chompers looked so good too! I hope a permanent solution works out soon. Teeth are expensive, dang it!

Val'n'Ben said...

I'm so in love with that toothless little turkey!

diana said...

Ouch. That had to cost a pretty penny! Yikes. It's amazing what they can do though. Wow; good luck.

Emily said...

Oh my - what a story! As someone else with troublesome teeth, I feel for him. And your wallet.

Rynell said...

Wow. That is quite a story. I am whimpering over how much orthodontia will cost for my kids. But we haven't gone through this kind of extreme thing quite yet. (I shouldn't jinx it....)

Jeff and Jessie said...

it makes me cringe. Oh, thank heavens they aren't his permanent!