Thursday, December 09, 2010

JDub's Strange Form of Stress Relief

Those of you who know JDub well know three important things about him.  For the rest of you, I'll give you the background you need to make sense of this post.
  1. He sells woodworking tools online for a living.
  2. After many years he's gotten super good at detecting scam email orders. (Hint: Grammar is key.  If they can't write good Engrish, you are can be certainly they not is legitimatized customers.)
  3. He hates doesn't really like his job.
So, he sent me this email exchange the other day.  First the email from the customer (name changed even though it probably wasn't a real name in the first place.):

From: Brock Lee
To: JDub's Business

Hello Customer Service

My name is Mr  Brock Lee, I am with the [Insert Fake and Generic Sounding Business Name Here] and with regards to your Company i will like to make an order based on (EDGE SANDER) in stock for sale? If Yes kindly email me back with the types of Edge sander that you have in stock and the total pick up price of the sizes, so that we can proceed with the order. More over i will like to know if you do accept Credit Cards as a form of payment... And allow pick-up at your location . Looking forward to hear from you soon so that we can proceed with the order...

Kind Regards
Managing Director
Mr Brock Lee, 
1234 Bogus Lane Unit 24
Supertown,BS 11111-11,

JDub's Response:

From: JDub's Business
To: Mr. Brock Lee
Subject: Re: Urgent Order

We would be happy to ship your order of edge sanders but we are overrun with pumpkins right now and are using the edge sanders as fences to keep the raccoons out. We will let you know as soon as the situation changes.

Best fishes,


Funniest part: He replies like this to scammers all the time.


Kendra said...

Love it. Is that pic. at your house?

Duchess said...

hysterical! Glad he is able to find a way to make his job more enjoyable.

Sybrina said...

Aw! I sure miss you guys and all the good comedy you brought to the ward!

Monica said...

ROFL!!! He's as good as Sarah Carter with door to door salesmen!

Gina said...

That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff and Jessie said...

Honestly, YOu hubby is the most funny and witty man I know.