Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Not Dead

Just a note to let you all know I am alive.

Very alive, indeed.

In fact, I am living a very rich and full life right now.

I've decided to start saying that instead of whining "I'm so busy!" all the time.  

Because, really, how lucky am I to get to do all of the wonderful things I do!

Classes in:
  • Women's Literature
  • Spanish
  • Creative Writing

Five WONDERFUL children:
  • Orchestra Concerts
  • Cub Scout Pack Meetings
  • Pinewood Derby Cars
  • A Part in Thoroughly Modern Millie (which was marvelous, btw)
  • Hernia Surgery
  • Field Trips
  • An Anti-Bullying Campaign at School (Spearheaded by Scud--I'll need to write more about this soon!)
  • Track Season Approaching
  • An Upcoming Trip to Europe for my Kaitybean

Opportunities for Service:
  • In the Primary Presidency (Which I love like crazy-cakes, in spite of the fact that I dreaded Primary callings for years!)
  • On the Staff of Touchstones (Literary Journal at UVU)
  • Interviewing Utah's Poet Laureate tomorrow (for Touchstones)

Really, my life is fabulous.

There are things I miss about my previous existence:
  • Bellies and Babies
  • Leisurely Friday Walks with Kerri
  • Hours Spent Talking to Emma
  • Long Telephone Calls with Valerie
  • Sleep
  • Reading Whatever I Wanted To
  • Movie Nights With JDub
  • A Clean(er) House
  • Sleep

I wouldn't trade right now for anything, though.  I'm loving the challenges and the growth of this period.

So, if you catch me using the B word, please remind me:  Full, Rich and Wonderful, Heather!


Keiauni said...

Way to have a "thoroughly sunshiny outlook"
You AMAZE me:)

Val'n'Ben said...

Oh, BUSY! I was thinking the other B word. ;)