Friday, September 08, 2006

I need google!!!

They have Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Local, Google Images, Google Calendar, Froogle, Google Video. Truly, google is one of my favorite friends. Within seconds I can do anything from price-searching, to finding a picture of an apple, to watching that crazy Napolean Dynamite dance scene, to scaring myself to death by diagnosing myself with all kinds of strange diseases based on any number of symptoms. You can even text google from your cell phone and get information back in a flash. It's crazy the things google can do.

But now, I NEEEEEEEEEED something called Google Home. Google guys, is there any way you can map the terrain of my home so that at any time I can just visit my Google Home site to find missing items?

You know how it would go.

  • Hop on google.
  • Type in "keys to the van" or "Scud's left shoe".
  • Within seconds, a message pops up saying "Behind the downstairs toilet." or "In the giant box of legos". It would be even cooler if you could show me a picture with one of those cute little red arrows. Even better, could you have those just floating holographically around my home whenever I'm looking for something?

    Google, you've done it before. Now can't you find a way to crawl and index my home? Please call me if you figure it out. Because I have a doula client due any day now and I seriously need to find my cell phone.


    Anonymous said...

    What you need, Heather, is a Harry-Potter style Maurader's Map that shows where STUFF is. I've been wanting one for years.


    FrogLegs said...