Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm feeling rather snarky today

But, alas, the babe in my arms keeps me from typing all of the gloriously sarcastic things I have to say today.

Maybe later.

For now, I just want to say that I think the new blogger sucks rocks.

There, I've said it.

I switched, believing their promise that it would be easier. Believing, as JDub has conditioned me to believe, that Google can do no wrong.

Not so.

I haven't quite liked my blog since I switched.

My sidebar is too narrow. The colors aren't right. The text is different.

And I can't quite figure out how to change things to get them to look just the way I want.

Either I put up with their parameters or I have to become an html genius.


Okay. Done complaining now.

I really did say I'd ask some of you for help, didn't I?

Maybe I'll do that and spare you all the next round of complaints

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