Thursday, March 22, 2007

Want to Know a Secret?

It's a secret about writers.

They write.

Okay, no big secret, but I'm wondering lately. I consider myself a writer. I'd like to consider myself a serious writer. But, do blogs count? Do they really?

I've certainly developed a strong sense of voice here. But, I really want to spend my time writing marketable things.

And poetry.

Ahhhhhh....... the poetry!

I went to a poetry group last night at our local library and it was heaven.

I came home and whipped out 5 stanzas of a poem I've been struggling with for weeks.

Just had to share.


brightonwoman said...

I would dare call myself a writter...more the philosophical musing sort of writer than a poet (I did dabble in prose and poetry in college, but my life has lost most of the angst it then held, so no more poetry. Go figure!) Anyway, I have started waxing philosophical on my's kinda fun. I'd say, if you write, and you want to share it, then feel free to do so! The worst that could happen is folks won't read it! (I sincerely doubt that anyone is going to post comments about your lack of talent etc etc...they'll either say nice things, or nothing at all...)
You could always make a second blog just for the poetry...and not share it...or only share it with a few folks...or do it under a psudonym (I submitted my poetry to a chat thread under a psudonym...there were people I knew IRL there, so I dind't want to reveal my real self. LOL!)

Jonathan said...

Congrats on the 5 stanzas. Care to share?

Heather said...

Goodness, we'll just have to see.

I'm fairly protective of my poetry, as about 11 years ago I had someone steal one of my poetry journals and plagarize it for a class assignment. I've never quite gotten over that, so I keep my poetry to myself except for controlled groups - like groups of other poets, family websites, etc.

And soon, editors of magazines and contests, etc.

Derrick said...

AMEN Heather! I can't begin to verbalize how good it feels to write. Especially when there has been a lapse. Blogging counts for me as journal of sorts...just to kind of clear my mind. But I don't count it in my "writing" time that I take just to write.

Congrats. Poetry is not my strong point, but someone's got to do it :)

Writers write. Thanks for the reminder about that little verb.

Derrick said...

Oh, yeah. I don't like giving out my writing to just anyone either. Call me paranoid, but people the world over don't generally respect your work, and here in Utah we somehow feel like taking other people's art is the right way to do things.

Nothing against Jonathan of course. :)

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