Sunday, December 30, 2007


A late Christmas gift from me, to you. Enjoy.

Christmas Feasting
by Heather Duncan

The banquets are in earnest now.
I am surrounded by delicacies,
sweet and savory tokens
of neighbors' esteem.

Chocolate melts friendly
down my throat
like laughter.
And still I hunger.

This year of abundance
and over-abundance
has left my spirit famished.

Here, at the end and beginning of years
I close my eyes,
see the babe born in Bethlehem
reaching out to me.
He came to be the end and the beginning.

I open wide my broken heart
and fill myself up with Him.
I believe His promises
that those who let Him in
will never hunger,
never thirst.

This is the season I learn anew
to feast upon His love.

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