Sunday, December 09, 2007

Summer and Fall of Weird Part 2

Here I am with the continuation of Summer and Fall of Weird. Click here for Part 1 if you haven't already read it.

Of course, we must give thanks to the lovely Brillig and Kate, the mothers of SOS. Other Soap Opera Sunday posts (including those that were really, truly posted on Sunday) are hosted at Kate's place.

Here goes...

There was no more random jewelry giving on this strange date. Thank goodness. Shortly after the necklace, Jeremy asked me whether or not I was ready to go home.

"Yes," I replied, perhaps too enthusiastically.

"Okay," he told me with obvious chagrin. Maybe he expected me to say "Oh, no. You just gave me jewelry. I want to stay with you forever!"

He dropped me off and to his credit, he did get out of the car and walk me to my door. I had half expected him to just stop at the curb and say goodbye.

I did hug him goodbye. Like I said, we weren't strangers. We'd known each other forever and had been friends off and on throughout our lives.

A few days later, Jeremy called me to see if I'd like to go out with him again. Yikes. What to do?

Well, I was bored. So I said yes.

Then I called him back.

"Jeremy, I'm still going out with you," I told him, "but on one condition. Don't give me any more stuff. Okay?"

"Um, okay," he told me, obviously confused. "Why? Didn't you like the jewelry?"

I bit my tongue on the whole I-could-have-gotten-it-for-myself-with-two-dollars-at-
the-grocery-store comment and opted for the high road and the real reason.

"It sort of freaked me out. As far as I'm concerned, gifts are for birthdays and holidays. Unless we're going out. And we're not. And even then, I'm just not that into 'stuff' like some girls are."

He seemed to understand and was actually really cool about it. We went out for lunch that Saturday. I gave him a baggie with all of the jewelry he'd given me. We went to a park and played soccer together. It was actually rather fun.

And much of our time together that summer, which ended up being considerable, was a lot of fun.

There was definitely the weirdness, which resulted mainly from the fact that he was obviously growing much more attached to me than I to him. For me it was mainly a friendship. Cough. Cough. Yes, with a few benefits. Cough. So, maybe I was sending him the wrong message.

Oh, but apparently the wrong message he was getting was nothing compared to what a few of my soccer teammates were prepared to think of me.

Tune in next Sunday (Yes I promise it will be next Sunday. It's already written!) to find out what our dear and awkward Jeremy says when the Queen of the Cats utters the words, "So are you dating Heather because she puts out?"

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