Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Blog Year In Review

And now I give you the second annual Magically Mama Blog Year In Review.

For this year, I think I will type my favorite sentence from my favorite posts for each month.


14 I want to clear a space where I can feel more deeply and appreciate more fully these beautiful souls whose lives are continually flowing around and through mine.
18 I bought a roll of duct tape, made my way to the public restroom with two little boys in tow, took off my skirt and duct taped the tear together again.
26 I didn't know that I was raising such a socially conscious daughter.

05 Did I ever tell you about the time I stopped trying to be a perfect mom and began learning how to actually be a mother and more importantly, how to be myself?
13 A hostile enemy has been ravaging our household since Thursday.

01 And sometimes it's best to just take a deep breath, be gentle with oneself and buy bigger clothes.
09 I wish so much to spread my arms wide to embrace the immensity of all that I am, to touch and bless all who stand before and after me in just the way I have been blessed.
15 There are fleeting moments when I wonder why we think we have to wait to taste heaven.
30 So, um, I think I'll leave "Biggest Nerd in the World" title to Napolean, but I'm a little scared at how close I sometimes come to that title.

04 Okay, here's the first installment of 100 things about me. For the record, that second installment is still sitting, unfinished, in my drafts folder.
10 I think that treating others with dignity is one of the few things in this world that is inarguably right.
11 Warning! Google has misled you. You will not see Jennifer Lopez or any other females naked here.
13 My heart aches. For me, for others who have lost loved ones, for broken trust and difficult decisions, for lost time and a feeling of having so much taken, on so many fronts.

13 Embrace the chaos, embrace the chaos, embrace the chaos...
13 Real moms love their children fiercely, devotedly, desperately and would do ANYTHING for them, even if sometimes they would like to lock them in a closet.
18 I'm going to see my parents today and thought I'd stop by your house on the way to pay you for your uterus.
19 We birth professionals seem to be settling for the easy answers. The causes. The propaganda. The comfortable absolutes.
29 I loathe with a fury inexpressible in cold, dry words the twin dragons of mental illness and addiction.

01 So with all of my counting today, I'm trying to mindfully count the most important things -- my blessings.
13 There is not a pain, an affliction, a mistake in my life that I have not felt has been turned to a higher purpose, consecrated and made sacred.
17 I feel like I've been doubly blessed in the father department.
21 I just keep pausing and thinking how humorous it is that THIS is my life.

17 And then, he turned around and did his little bum shake. Nobody expected it and we all laughed like crazy.
18 For some reason that terrible experience made me realize that this skinny, blond kid was worth hanging on to.
26 Things are less than magical at our house lately.

02 I've always thought of JDub and I as two parts to a song. He is the rhythm. I am the melody.
08 I have not been able to reconcile this feeling that I need to take a break and let go with the passion I feel for this work, the way it has made me grow and blossom as a woman, mother and friend.
09 Confession: Last year I heard a bird in our fireplace, which was blocked off, and I
didn't let him out.

16 I told him that, knowing everything I know now about everything that has happened in the last ten years, I'd do it all over again.

04 I am free to explore the world, find the missing parts of me, concentrate on centering myself and building my home and family.
11 I can make my tiny soul a flickering and persistent light that the darkness can never quite put out.
14 I'm trying to savor the deliciousness of a future pregnant with possibility.
26 My dreams have tangled up inside themselves again.

03 Understandable, but how on earth is fungus meets frizzball a good haircut?
05 Murphy, you rascal, I love to hate you.
16 One of my favorite things about autumn is that it is finally cool enough to bake bread.
21 She is already noticing the ways society and Satan undermine women and she is talking back!

16 I realized a while ago that I've left a few loose threads hanging out around here. So, I guess it's a good time to wrap them up.
16 I will hope that the love I give and the life I live are fitting tribute to those who have given so much of their love and lives to me.
20 He is my best friend, my home, my grounding force.
22 I am so grateful just to be, to know that in this and in every moment of my life there is a deeper perfection than I will ever know or ever see fully in this life.

15 Perhaps I can give myself the gift of love and forgiveness that I have so desperately been seeking from everyone else.
29 "He's either just fine or he'll need a CT Scan," he said, "and we can't do anything for either one here."


Jonathan said...

I like it. That is a clever way to sum up the year. You are a very poetic person.

It's all about the "Crew" said...

Loved it! You have a marvelous gift for words! You have inspired me to read more, as I'm sure that is part of how you've become so talented. I have no doubt you will be a great author. Maybe I should just get your autograph now, while I can? ;)

brightonwoman said...

what a fun post! I may steal your idea...murhahahahahaaaa!