Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Well, my Dad is in Turkey right now for work. And my Father-In-Law lives in Germany. So, both of my Dads are halfway around the world for Father's Day. So, I thought I'd take a minute to thank them here for being so wonderful. I feel like I've been doubly blessed in the father department.

First, I was raised by one of the most wonderful fathers in the whole world. He has always worked hard to provide for our family and I have been very grateful for that. I remember waking up at dawn to have breakfast with him. The sun hadn't even come up yet and my Daddy was in the kitchen making bacon and eggs. I'd eat with him and go back to bed. It wasn't until years later that I realized that he didn't get to go back to sleep after that, but really went to work that early. Every day. It was even later that I realized how much of a sacrifice that was for him. I am grateful for a father who did all he could to provide for his family and who is a hard, dedicated worker.

And I'm also grateful that, as hard as he worked, he always seemed to have time for me. He attended soccer games and softball games, plays, concerts, performances. We played catch in the backyard and at the high school across the street. He took me on motorcycle rides. We had softball games and flew kites and went swimming. I am so grateful for a daddy who played with me.

He always took the time to listen to me and trusted me to be and to do my very best. He taught me the importance of continuing to learn, whether you're going to school or not.

My Dad is the type of person that everyone loves. He is generous, kind, helpful and genuine. He will do just about anything for anyone. He loves others unconditionally and sees past so many of the trappings of social standing that many of us get caught by. I think people love him mostly because of how he makes them feel about themselves. I know that's part of why I love him. He has always made me feel beautiful, capable, special, worthwhile. I have never doubted my worth because I could always see it in my father's eyes.

Then, I grew up and got married and got the bonus of a wonderful Father-In-Law. He also makes me feel special and important. In a different way, because he's only known me as an adult, but I am so grateful for his love for me and my children. And of course I feel so grateful for the way he has loved, led and raised my wonderful husband.

He was always a good example to his children. He is also a hard-worker and all of his boys have learned to work hard as a result. He is intelligent and witty, gentle and warm. And he is a very good listener, which is one of the traits I admire most. He took the time to read with his children and pray with them. He has served either in or for the military for most of his adult life and fought in the Gulf War. He prefers to watch television laying on the ground and he loves to crack random jokes and laugh harder at himself than anyone else could ever laugh at him. (Two endearing traits my sweetheart has inherited.) I am glad to call him my Father-In-Law and that my children call him Opa.

Like I said, I have been doubly blessed in the father department. I don't know why I'm so fortunate, but I know that I am.

Happy Father's Day

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