Friday, June 08, 2007

It's Gotta Suck

I'm sure that you can imagine that with four kids (usually 5 or 6) and a dog running around here all day, this house gets mighty dirty. Now, I'm not so good at keeping up with that as it is. But, now our vacuum has officially died. It actually still sucks, but the brush head no longer works.

So, we're in the market for a new vacuum. We especially need one that will pick up lots of dog fur.

We don't mind spending a bit of money, as we really want to get a quality product that will last us a while.

So, this is a plea for help. Do you have a really good vacuum? What are its pros and cons?

Or do you have a vacuum that you really hate and recommend against?

Even if you've never commented here, would you be so kind as to shimmy out of the woodwork and help us out?



Kristin & Brett said...

We *love* our Miele
Seriously, love this vacuum.
Kristin from Ghost Ranch.

Kim said...

My in-laws got a Dyson and LOVE IT! They have a long hair cat and it picks up cat hair like a dream. This is the vacuum I want never loses suction ;)

Emily said...

i have a hoover empower. like this one
the best thing about this is NO BAG! i love being able to just dump it all out and stick the empty canister back in there.

i don't have pets or kids, so it doesn't get used as much as yours probably will. but that's why i included the amazon link, you can read 45 other people's opinion if you want. :) we like it, it's worked great for 2 1/2 years for us.

Duchess said...

We have the "pet" Dyson and love love love it. Search Dyson on my blog to read about the first time we used it. It was incredible! It handles the two dog's hair and the fact that you have to come up a set of carpeted stairs to get to the main floor of our house with no problems.
The only (however minor) complaint I have about it is that it is a bit heave. Although you don't have to move it to actually vacume the stairs (it has a super long hose) I still live in a three story house and have to move it from floor to floor. It isn't unmanagable, though.