Monday, June 04, 2007

iPhones and Apple Monsters

So, ten years ago I introduced JDub to one of my favorite products -- Apple computers. I had no idea that I was creating a monster. He is now THE Apple enthusiast of all Apple enthusiasts.

So, you can be sure that he is anxiously awaiting the release of the iPhone. He's even willing to switch providers to get it.

I found this article (Apple execs admit to iPhone anxiety) interesting, as I keep wondering when the "Apple can do no wrong" bubble will burst.

Also, you can check out the full NYTimes article here.

Just to make it clear, I'm a pretty huge apple fan myself and will probably be switching this blog over to an apple created iweb site soon. Watch for it.

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Jonathan said...

22 more days until the iPhone is released!

Kim said...

We like to drool over the iPhone but know there is no way we can afford it right now. We love our mac laptop and when this stupid PC finally dies, we'll get another mac. I think jeremy said he wants an iMac. He's more of the Apple nerd than I am ;)