Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm like a bird, I only fly away...

So, I don't know if it's because of their dinosaur ancestors or because my mom was always afraid of them. But, I'm afraid of birds. Not terribly afraid. Pet birds, birds outside don't bother me. But wild birds inside my house? Kinda creepy.

At least once a year a bird makes it down our fireplace and into our home. This is somewhat scary to me.

Confession: Last year I heard a bird in our fireplace, which was blocked off, and I didn't let him out. I just listened to him struggle until the noise stopped and tried to make myself feel better by telling myself that he'd been able to fly out the chimney. But, sure enough, when my husband opened up the fireplace, he was dead in there. I am ashamed that I allowed my fear to overcome my better self and allow another living thing to die.

So, this year I knew I had to do better. This morning, I heard a bird stuck in our fireplace. I marshalled the forces, my two oldest boys. We cleared everything out of the bird's path and opened the back door.

Then, we unblocked the fireplace. Nothing. I could hear him, but couldn't see him. The flue was closed and, we couldn't get it quite right to let him out. I was ready to give up and call someone for advice.

But, Scud decided that this would be a perfect time to say a prayer and ask for help. What a sweet kid. Who better to ask for help than the one who made the sparrows and knows each one.

After his prayer, he pulled the lever to the flue just right and the bird fell into our fireplace and flew up, trying unsuccessfully to fly out our windows. He was stuck at our kitchen window, so I got a broom and directed him away from the window and toward our back door.

After a few minutes under the kitchen table and a close call with Rusty, he flew out the back window -- free and surely relieved.

And I feel much better about myself.

It was like a redemption.

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Derrick said...

It feels like a good movie when you have that kind of resolution.