Monday, August 13, 2007


Still writing away on my novel. I've got two or three rough chapters finished.

On another note, I think Coco may now have Thrush. First Herpangina, now this. Poor little guy. I'll be calling Dr. Mumford the Magician in a few minutes.

But look at how cute Coco is. This picture was taken last Friday.

And guess what I found today?

A drive-through market! After my sadness at the loss of my dearest Grocery Guys, I think I may try this market out and see what I think. Anything to avoid the torture that is grocery shopping with four children.


Frog Thinks said...

He is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous... :) I hope all is weel soon though- doctors are no fun

Emily said...

love love love the coco picture. what a little darling! i hope he gets feeling better soon!

Rynell said...

hope he's feeling better soon.

i too have mourned the loss of grocery guys. maybe i'll try out the seasons place.