Monday, August 06, 2007


You'll have to forgive my truncated and postdated Soap Opera Sunday post. I have a sick little baby.

He has herpangina and is very uncomfortable. He has wanted to be held and nursed almost constantly since Saturday.

I took him to the doctor on Saturday to see what was going on. He'd been fevered and irritable since Friday morning and I thought he might have an ear infection.

Nope. The doctor took one look in his mouth and said, "Ah, he definitely has herpangina."

I called JDub on the way home to tell him the news.

"I took him to the doctor and she says that he has herpangina," I told him.

"He has her WHAT?!?" Jeffrey responded. "Don't you think he ought to give it back?"
That's my JDub. Always the comedian.


Emily said...

poor thing! i hope he gets better soon!! i didn't know what herpangina was, but reading about it, i sure wouldn't want to try it out.

Brillig said...

YIKES! Oh, poor little thing. I hope he feels better soon. And I hope you get some rest too!