Friday, August 03, 2007

A Burst of Creativity

Before you move on, please read the post below -- Finding Gravity -- and comment.

Have you read it yet? Commented? Really, I need help.

Okay, moving on.

I have felt rather creative lately and have been working on some things this week.

First, I finally took this, which I took about a year to finish (not because it was hard, but because I did it in fits and spurts) and which has been finished for at least two months:

Then, I cleaned, trimmed and framed it. Here's the finished product:

I spent the better part of an hour trying to get it straight. It's still not quite straight. Shhh. Don't say anything. I might have to spend another fruitless hour. I'm happy with how it turned out. I love this little blessing I found the door of a retreat center in Santa Barbara. This will sit on a shelf in our entryway (a shelf that is waiting to be painted).

Here is the last cross-stitch I finished. This also took about a year. For the same reason as above, but it was also hard. It is about 60% my own design. I didn't design the house. I saw this saying in a little cottage in Spring City, Utah.

Now, I'll be working with this:

And these:

This is how far I've gotten:

Three of my six chairs primed and sanded. I grossly underestimated how much extra work it would give me to allow my children (and the neighbor girl) to help. Don't you love the pepto-pink primer?

Next up is this:

Which I hope will magically transform itself into some lovely tote bags, diaper bags and handbags to use and to sell on etsy.

Also, I NEEEEEEEED to get this clean, organized and liveable.

I'm hoping this will make it a nicer place to write and to create.

Coco has had his own creative spurt. He turned seven months old on Tuesday. And he's already doing this:

He loves to look out our window and watch his siblings play.

I keep fighting the urge to beg him to SLOW DOWN, SLOW DOWN, SLOW DOWN. He is in such a hurry to be like his older siblings.

Have a marvelous weekend.

Come back on Sunday and I'll be joining in the fun of Brillig and Kate's Soap Opera Sunday. Now, which soap opera moment to choose...

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Kimberly said...

Wow...what an incredible fountain of creativity you are!