Thursday, August 23, 2007

Will Someone Please Bring Me Some Sprite and Saltines

I'm sick to my stomach.

I just sent a check for $2242 to the IRS. ACK!

Now, I don't mind contributing to our society, a little at a time. But, despite the IRS's claims to the contrary, we're not so wealthy that we should pay them this much.

Silly us. Instead of spending lots of money on things that could be counted as business expenses last year, we decided to put every extra penny toward saving and getting out of debt.

Really, what were we thinking?

Anyone living in Utah who knows a good accountant, please email me. We may already be too late, but I think we'd better start working things out now so that this will not happen again next year.


Kimberly said...

Ouch! I know a great one up here in Canada, but alas, there are some huge differences between borders.

Rosie said...

I have a great accountant in Utah. I'll email you his info.

Vanderbeeks said...

I think I will throw up with you! We are self employed, meaning we pay twice the amount a normal employed person making the same net would pay, because their employers pay part of it all. BALANCE is the key. AllI can say is that last year was the first time we have ever gotten a check back - thank goodness for all those doctor's bills - ok, I better go lay down! GOOD LUCK!