Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Today I Changed My Signature

My signature in my email used to look something like this:

Heather ******** CD(DONA)
Birthing From Within Mentor

But, now I've decided for certain. I need and want to do other things right now. Other areas of my life are calling, so I am putting my career in birth work aside for now.

As you know, this is a bittersweet decision for me. So, seeing my signature looking like this was just sad for me.:

Heather ********

Really, though, this decision has been so freeing for me. Each time I decide again that I won't be taking doula clients (BTW, since deciding not to do doula work I've gotten about 8 requests for interviews, about twice the number I've received in the last two years. Figures.) I feel a weight come off my shoulders. I am free to explore the world, find the missing parts of me, concentrate on centering myself and building my home and family. Truly, it is wonderful.

I think I've come up with a happy alternative. What do you think?

Heather *******
Renaissance Woman
Mother to 4 spirited children


Emily said...

:) sometimes it's the making of the decision that's the hardest part. once that's done, you can move forward.

Rynell said...

How wise you are. Sometimes I am spread so thin that my family suffers. It's beautiful that you are able to set that part of your life aside to concentrate on your family.