Tuesday, September 11, 2007


"Today my soul is a prayer
for thousands of souls lost
and millions more grieving.

Tonight the stars will be weeping."

I wrote those words six years ago today. The stars were not the only ones weeping. Even this morning, as I found my way to the computer and looked at the date, salt tears spilled heavy over my face with the remembering.

I still pray for those souls, for their loved ones. I still pray for my country, its leaders. I still pray for those who are so lost that they would accept the lie that there is honor in causing harm to others; I pray for those consumed by the flames of hatred.

I do not know much. I don't claim to understand the creeds and doctrines and ideologies that are clashing with such ferocity in our world right now. I haven't mastery over armies or nations or histories or world religions.

I do know this. I love people. I love my country. I love my world and I wish it were a more peaceful place. I hope and wait for the day when we can all understand one another the way we understand ourselves. I must believe that there will be a day when we can look into the stories playing in each other's eyes and whether we are old or young, light or dark, Christian or Islamic we can love one another, cherish each person for exactly who they are.

I wish that day were now.

Ghandi said that we must be the change we wish to see in the world. I cannot change the forces that combined six years ago to make me weep. I cannot fix the problems of the world. Nor should I try if I cannot love my children, if I cannot forgive my neighbor and serve my friends.

So, I will continue to pray. I will love those around me a little more fiercely. I may not be able to put an end to the darkness that often threatens to overwhelm all of humanity.

But, I can make my tiny soul a flickering and persistent light that the darkness can never quite put out.


Kim said...

Very beautifully put Heather.

Brillig said...

Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL post, Heather.

bella said...

You ARE light.
You, your very being IS love.