Friday, September 21, 2007

So Little Time...

So much to blog about.

I feel terribly behind right now. There's so much I'm dying to tell you!

It's been a busy week.

Here are the posts I owe you and will be getting up very soon:

  • My haircut, including pictures and the whole detailed story. Aaargh! Will I never find a stylist that I trust who lives close to me????? And how old will I be before my mom stops making hair appointments for me? (Thanks Mom!)
  • Drawing from my roll call post. I know who the lucky three winners are, but I'm not telling now because I have darling pictures of Mashuga making the picks. You can wait for that, right?
  • All about my date with 6, no 8!, handsome men to see the Real Salt Lake vs. L.A. Galaxy game and how they acted like gorillas and ninjas on the train ride home. Yes, I have pictures.
  • Why I go to bed with two men every night and generally wake up with three or four. Hint: one of them is short, mostly bald and on the chubby side.
  • The joy of our school's fall festival -- tonight! Of course I'll take the camera.
  • Also, it's been a while since I did a Soap Opera Sunday and I think I have just the story to start this weekend. It involves one of the only two grudges I've held for over a decade. (The other one is when Breannon pinched me on St. Patrick's Day at preschool and said I wasn't wearing green when, in fact, my rainbow striped shirt had several green stripes! I hated her for this until I was about fifteen and came to my senses. *grin*)
Have a marvelous weekend. Truly, I'll try to catch up. I feel like I've been too busy to blog. When I really think about it, though, I've mainly just been walking around in a haze this week and eating lots of potato chips. I'm praying that this is not an early sign of impending SAD.

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