Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Search Me

According to, I get close to 600 hits per week on this blog. The vast majority of them are bounces, which means they don't spend any time on my site.

Most of these bouncers and some visitors who actually stay awhile come from google searches. I'm rather entertained by the keywords that lead to my blog. Some are applicable, some are downright funny. Some are not at all related to this site. I'm sure there are some disappointed 17 year old boys who search for the words "breasts" or "sexy pics of jennifer lopez" and end up here at my fairly family-friendly, not at all sexy blog.

Here's just a sampling of the keywords that have found me over the last few days.

  • dr. laura schlessinger
  • poems about neglectful mothers
  • "meredith w" nude
  • turando
  • photos of milk throw on miror from female breast
  • warm and fuzzy thoughts
  • june cleaver
  • "vacuuming in pearls"
  • phyllis whitney mystery of the haunted pool review
  • patterns crosstich for baby boy
  • dr. seuss breastfeeding poem
  • what is mashuga
  • william
  • jennifer lopez naked
  • weekly my dearest brother
  • sexy pics of jennifer lopez
  • jennifer lopez cleavage shots
  • 6 year old with croup
  • my dearest person
  • schram family motto
  • erma bombeck kids are like kites
  • symptoms toddler "barely breathing"
  • mashuga define
  • breasts

    I also get A WHOLE LOT of hits from google images -- people looking for things like "nude female" and "breast pictures". These come from this post which, ironically, has absolutely no images, just links to images.

    So, what do you think? Should I post a public service announcement at the top of my blog that says:

    "Warning! Google has misled you. You will not see Jennifer Lopez or any other females naked here. There are no gratuitous cleavage shots here. Discussion and pictures of breasts usually revolve around using them as God intended, to nourish small children. Move along."


    brightonwoman said...

    I LOVE it! I'll have to see what would find me!

    FrogLegs said...

    LOL!! You know-- I had mine set to private for about 2 months, and delisted it- because my students (high schoolers) found it. I don't get too many weird hits- but the thought of them seeing me discussing cycles, invitro and so on.. LOL!! :)