Monday, April 16, 2007

Poetry Reading

It's national poetry month!

I'll be reading in a poetry reading tomorrow evening with some other local (and wonderful) poets.

If you're local and know where my local library is (or if you don't and would like to email me to find out) I'd love to see you there. It will be at my local library at 7pm in room #309.

I'll be reading "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou and a poem of my own titled "Elias."

I've been thinking about the whole "poetry blog" thing. I was dead set against it. Not because I mind sharing my poetry. Quite the opposite in fact. My main concern is not anonymity. My main concern is that if I poured my soul out and spent the time to write an excellent poem, I don't want anyone else to copy and paste and take credit for it. Or use it without my permission.

But, I'm considering the idea of having an "invited readers only" poetry blog. For family, friends, people I trust.

What think ye? Good idea? Bad idea?


Rynell said...

great idea, Heather! I'd love to read more of your work. I'm looking forward to the reading tomorrow night. See you there. :)

The Reed Family said...

Ohh I hope that you include me!!! I love your poetry so much!! I would be happy to share some of mine as well if you want!

Great poem choice too! This may sound arrogant but this is "my" poem. Well not really but my dh's nickname for me is "The Phenomenal Woman" When we were dating on my birthday one of the many things he did for me was put a GIANT box and a small box on my front doorstep and told me to open the BIG box first. The only thing in that huge box was a card with this poem written in it and he said that I will always be his Phenomenal woman. So yup I love that poem and I love Maya!!!!