Monday, April 02, 2007

Really, would it be so bad?

If I implanted some sort of device in Mashuga's skin that (gently) shocked him if he ever left the yard without my permission?

I'm expected to keep track of this kid, to keep him safe, to keep him from terrorizing the neighborhood.

How exactly am I supposed to do this with a kid like Mashuga?


In the last week he has snuck out of the house to:

  • go across the street to the neighbor's yard to visit their puppies. Several times. Most of them while they're not home.
  • play with the kids down the street for 30 minutes while I thought he was playing with his siblings
  • walked into the neighbor's house (this one we have only met once) without knocking because he wanted to play with their Jack Russell. She was sitting on the couch nursing her new baby.
  • Knocked on our neighbor's door about 20 times to give her a flower and ask for candy.
  • Let another neighbor's dog out of the yard
  • Gone to a friend's house to play with their dog, Yoshi.
  • Left his bike in the middle of the street.
  • Almost crawled into an underground water culvert.
  • Played with the neighbor girl while he was supposed to be watching conference with Dad and siblings (I was in the bathtub this time.)

    All of this without my prior knowledge and permission. And these are just the things I found out about.

    I swear to you, I am not a neglectful mother. It's not like I ignore him for hours on end while he's roaming the neighborhood. I usually get him busy with something, go away, come back to check on him and he's gone.

    A bell on the door. Now that might be an idea!

    Any other ideas? I'm desperate.

    And how tightly do you think children SHOULD be reined in? To what extent should I just let him visit the puppy dogs of the neighborhood without freaking out?

    What's the balance between freedom and discipline, between trust and watchcare?

    I tell you. This child!


    Kim said...

    Ok, our boys are two of a kind. Now that we have a yard, S is out all the time! I have a feeling that he will be visiting all the neighbors himself in the near future!
    My idea is to get one of those locks (you know the kind with a loop and a hook?) and put them at the top of the doors so that he can't reach them. Jeremy is putting a good lock on the back gate. I figure until he is still way too young to be wandering about the least until he is in kindergarten...maybe.

    brightonwoman said...

    We put a chain lock on the inside of our door when W was 3 and 4...he asked what it was for and we told him it was to keep bad guys out...but that was only the secondary reason. The main reason was to keep W in. It worked beautifully. Unfortnately, you have older children who may need access to the door...still at least when the older ones at at school, it might help!

    DAD said...

    Sounds like a certian little girl i remember.

    Edge said...

    My neighbors and my sister in law (both have small armies of active little boys) have house alarms that have a "alert" feature that tells them in a loud, automated voice when someone opens a door in the house. If you have a house alarm, you might check and see if it has such a feature. Once they're in the yard,'s just hard!