Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Cool Husband

Maybe I've never told you how cool my husband is. He's pretty cool.

Case in point:

Several keys on my digital piano have been broken for years. The D Flat above middle C was the most troublesome. Then a couple of days ago Mashuga did something atrocious to the piano. All BUT the middle C were broken. I was in the depths of despair, certain we would need a new piano. I cried, I yelled and sent Mashuga to his room for the rest of the night. It was a testament to the ferocity of my emotions that he actually stayed there.

Then, after teaching a childbirth class that night, I came home to find JDub putting the finishing touches on our piano. It was fixed. He took our digital piano completely apart and figured out how to repair it.

He is still waiting on parts from Roland. It turns out that the breaking hammers were due not only to our unusually rough children, but a factory defect. So, since JDub is willing and able to do the labor to fix the problem, the company is sending him a whole new set of hammers. I hope this leads to many more years of musical happiness and a much more durable piano.

Take home message: My husband is awesome and clever and brilliant and I'm so lucky to have him.

You're reading this, right honey?


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Valerie said...

I can't tell you how many times I've had the urge to do something atrocious to a piano... anyone can go where they're supposed to!

Jonathan said...

I agree. You have an awesome husband.