Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

First, some photos of our Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies because it's my blog and I'll post holiday cookie pictures a month late if I want to.

Next, we'll move on to two cute pictures of Kaitybean. These are very common facial expressions for her and they crack me up.

Oh, and see how much she and Mashuga love each other?

And now we shall move on to Coco pictures. I adore this kid.

"Je t'adore! Je t'window! I don't care!" (Anybody know that movie?)

Here's Coco playing with Daddy:

And sleeping with Daddy:

And getting into a tub of frosting and making a mess:

And after he fell on the ice in our driveway and scraped his cute face:

And playing outside on the trampoline, one of his new favorite activities:

Here's what dinner often looks like at our house:

And last of all, these may look like icicles to you. But these, my friends, are winter roses. My sweet husband and children have been picking them for me often. At first I thought they were a bit crazy, now I think it's adorable. And they really are beautiful.

So, that's it for now. Sorry, quite the overload, I know. I really need to get into the habit of unloading pictures from my camera and posting them here frequently, rather than waiting for months and then deluging you with photos of my crazy family.

Hope you enjoy.


Mama Bear said...

Beautiful Winter Roses!!! That is so cute.

Kim said...

I am so jealous that it is nice enough to play on the trampoline!!! We still have TONS of snow on the ground, and COLD temperatures. Maybe I live in the wrong Happy Valley ;)

Brightonwoman said...

i LOVE the winter roses!

And, uh, Kaitybean's weird faces look a lot like your other kids weird faces... weird! :p

It's fun to watch coco and know that he's only a couple of weaks older than Bear. Bear's recent favorite activity is putting the dogs food into her water...piece by piece...and then stirring it with my nice wooden ruler...

It's all about the "Crew" said...

Totally enjoyed those pictures, especially the winter roses. What a creative family you have!

Utahdoula said...

Thanks for the cute pictures! Love the "winter roses" and I'm jealous I haven't gotten any!

lisa reed said...

LOVE,LOVE the "winter roses" LOVE EM'!!